Pilot Plants

IXOS Pilot Projects

IXOS® has been field and laboratory tested with mining customers in North American and South America who are either in production, developing green-field sites, or assessing tailing projects. Confirmatory testing has been completed by independent mine sites, independent laboratories, two major chemical corporations, and by SGS Canada Inc. and CyPlus.

The Pilot Plant units were designed to receive process flow directly from existing mines in parallel with the mines’ existing activated carbon circuits. This allowed for direct side-by-side comparison of IXOS® performance to the existing activated carbon circuits. Comparison tested was used to demonstrate potential cost savings and increased gold yield to potential customers using their actual pregnant leach solution. Field testing also provides the opportunity to showcase the relative merits of positioning IXOS® as a “Green Mining” initiative.”

IXOS® testing revealed the potential to deliver significant process savings and higher gold yields compared to the activated carbon process. IXOS® features fast extraction kinetics and has demonstrated resistance to organic fouling­ – a clear advantage over activated carbon and other commercial resins currently in use.

Patented Technology

Sixth Wave’s IXOS® extraction nanotechnologies have extensive global intellectual property protection, with patents issued or pending in over 40 countries worldwide. The Company has developed strategic alliances with respected industry partners, including CyPlus GmbH of Hanau-Wolfgang, Germany, and Sumitomo Corporation of Americas, which are currently introducing IXOS® gold extraction products to their respective global customer bases.

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